Consulting and Coaching

Who are you and why should anybody bother listening to your music? If you can’t easily answer that question, neither can your fans, venues or the press. 

The key to succeeding in the music business is not talent, musicianship or songwriting.  Those are important too, but the number one factor in whether or not your band will make it to the next level is if you have a clear band brand that connects with and engages your target fanbase.

PRIA offers individualized coaching packages where we will develop personalized marketing and business strategies that will propel your music through a thoughtful analysis and implementation of your own unique band brand.  We will work together to articulate your band brand in your bios, on social media, through your images and presentation, and across marketing platforms in a way that is effective and impactful.  

Marketing Management

We will plan, manage and execute your marketing plan, including social media, email, promotion, online advertising, and more. Our Marketing Management services focus on the big picture while keeping the daily details in check, making sure what needs to be done gets done, and eliminating the inevitable overwhelm.  We offer a range of marketing management packages to suit your band’s needs and resources.