Cousin Earth


Brooklyn, NY

Uke-Shredding Sci-fi Jam Rock




Brooklyn’s Cousin Earth is a sci-fi rock band that pushes the limits of both genre and musicality with catchy songs, evolving jams, and dynamic funk grooves. Featuring an original repertoire and a vast array of covers, the band delivers a wide tonal palette that has as much a sense of humor as it does a sense of purpose.
From shredding ukulele solos and 4-part vocal breakdowns to interweaving themed medleys, Cousin Earth is sure to catch the attention of any music lover. Presenting a multitude of styles including Rock, Funk, Prog, Latin, Bluegrass, Hip Hop, Ragtime, and even Electronica, no musical dimension is off-limits for this otherworldly live act.
Cousin Earth (originally called Ukulelien) was formed in 2013 by Joey Calfa and Nate Searing. The two met while playing in a Frank Zappa cover band in college called the Mothers of Intention. Before founding Cousin Earth, Calfa and Searing went on to play together in the progressive jam band Mercury Landing. It was from this group that they recruited Tara Lawton, Corey J. Feldman, and Terry Brennan to join the band. Melissa Raye took over for Lawton on vocals in 2018.
Having played over 300 shows nationally, Cousin Earth has built their fan base from the ground up. From Maine to Georgia, the band has played with notable acts including Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, the Werks, Aqueous, Future Folk, Andy Frasco, Rustic Overtones, and many more. The group has also cultivated a strong internet following through their engaging videos and consistent attention to fans. With over a million cumulative views from Youtube and Facebook videos, the band brings in thousands of visitors from around the world every month. Their music video for “Universoul” is in Hard Rock Café’s video library and can be seen at locations across the globe. Always striving to be creative in providing the best experience for their followers, “Color-Me-In” t-shirts, choreographed dance moves, and a tap-dancing / light-saber wielding dinosaur mascot are just some things you can expect from these Cousin Earthlings.
On November 20th 2015, Cousin Earth released a self-titled debut EP on all major platforms. To follow up their EP, the group released a full-length album entitled “Human Music” on April 27th, 2018. This release fully embodied the intricate musicality, sense of humor, and tight vocal harmonies that have become a staple of their live act. On April 19th, they released “Please Don’t Kill Us,” a sc-fi plea to the extra terrestrials on behalf of planet Earth.


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“One listen and it’s apparent that Cousin Earth is the real deal!” – Dave Melamed – Live For Live Music

“Cousin Earth is gaining
momentum in the Brooklyn music scene thanks to their unique flavor that provides listeners with a fresh, fun, and funky sound.” -MusicFestNews

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