Our Passion

You can see our dedication to helping indie bands and musicians navigate the wild world of the new music business in everything we do at PRIA.   That is because we understand that DIY musicians are expected to be jacks of all trades in their music careers, to be experts in promo, merchandising, marketing, finance and more…not to mention making great music!   Artists are pulling in so many different directions these days and they need to figure out which will give them the biggest bang for the buck without the all-too-common sense of overwhelm.

Our passion at PRIA is to help DIY bands and musicians get the skills they need to grow without gimmicks. There are so many get rich quick schemes out there, our mission is to provide indie artists with authentic, organic, and achievable strategies to engage their fanbase and to grow their music business.

-Kara Kharmah, founder 


The PRIA Difference

Goodbye cookie-cutter solutions
Your music is unique, so why would another musician’s plan be right for you? At PRIA, we individualize our coaching advise to your band brand. These are not one-size-fits-all strategies.

Focus on what makes an impact
You’ve probably noticed there’s about a million different directions you could be going in to market your music. We help you focus your efforts on what makes the most out of your limited time and resources.

Dedication to clients’ goals
Even after our sessions are over, we take the time to follow-up and ensure that you’ve really been able to really internalize what you’ve learned.

Organizing chaos and limiting overwhelm
One of the keys to success is consistent systems. We help you create and implement the systems that will not only carry you to music marketing success, but will lessen your daily feeling of overwhelm.


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Workman Song


What People Are Saying

“Over the course of a couple of hours Kara showed me, step by step, how to get the most out of my website and other online platforms.  I could have been fumbling in the digital attic for years and not even come close.  Money and time very well spent.”

-Zak Trojano

“Being a DIY musician trying to get original music heard isn’t an easy gig.  There are a lot of roles you have to step into, and more time management than most are capable of.  You need efficient, working systems in place to build your band biz and hone in your unique brand.  Kara has shown me how to build and put those efficient systems to practical use.  She has an ingenious ability to analyze data and come up with unique promo campaigns based around it, write amazing bios, and overall guide your brand to a focused point.  With PRIA Music Marketing I finally feel like I have site of that elusive path to take my band to the level of my desire.”

-Mike Moore of Fire in the Field

“I’ve been working with PRIA for a while now and have seen amazing results! Any body looking to take their music marketing to the next level should contact them. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Mikey Sweet