How we work

We get in the trenches with you.  We are available to work with you on topics ranging from band branding, to social media, websites, video, streaming, goals, and more.  We don't just talk about the tactics, but we also work to develop your bigger picture strategy that will take your career to the next level.

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Who we are

PRIA Music Marketing was founded out of passion for helping indie artists find their own path.  DIY musicians need the right tools at the right time to market their music in a way that is effective, but also stays true to who they are.  We're dedicated to helping bands navigate this crazy biz because we're music fans first!

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At heart, we're an education company.  Our passion is to give you the tools you need to engage your audience and convert them into die hard fans.  Check out our blog for info on a range of topics- from branding to systems to what platform you can't afford not to be on.  Got a subject you're interested in? Let us know!

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Passion. Impact. Edge.

We've seen a lot of bands who are ready to take that next step, but who are still looking for a better way to promote their music.

As a DIY musician, you're expected to be an expert in everything- music promo, merchandising, marketing, website development- not to mention making amazing music!

Our passion in forming PRIA Music Marketing is to empower indie bands with the the tools they need to gain fans and grow their bands. We teach musicians how make the most of their limited time and money, not with cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all tactics, but with thoughtful, tailored strategies that engage your fans with your band brand.

-Kara Kharmah, founder


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Make an Impact...

Every band is different. Contact us for an individualized assessment of how our services might make an impact on your music career.