Our passion at PRIA is to empower indie musicians and bands with the strategies they need to build a robust fanbase and grow their music business.


Our collaborative coaching model is tailored to your goals to help you fulfill your creative vision while making a tangible impact on your music career.


Our proven band branding and career visioning process will give you the edge you need to stand out in your market and grow your music business.


“With PRIA Music Marketing I finally feel like I have sight of that elusive path to take my band to the level of my desire.”

Mike Moore, Fire in the Field

Work with PRIA


    Develop an individualized plan to realize your goals

    Engage fans with your creative vision

     Beat the all-powerful algorithms with personalized strategies that work

    Use your time and resources wisely to get the biggest bang for the buck

    Eliminate overwhelm with our efficient and effective systems





Music Marketing and Band Branding Coaching

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Artist Management

Venue Programming and Promotion